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Hear from Our Clients!

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When I first approached Evgenia for executive leadership coaching, the position I aspired to felt like a distant dream—intangible and almost unattainable. Every session we had was a masterclass in self-discovery, skill enhancement, and unwavering motivation. Through each hurdle, challenge, and moment of self-doubt, Evgenia provided me with actionable strategies, insightful perspectives, and relentless support.

But more than just boosting my self-confidence, Evgenia instilled in me confidence in tomorrow. A belief that with dedication, perseverance, and the right guidance, our future is filled with boundless opportunities and success.

Today, as I proudly occupy the position I once only dreamed of, I look back with immense gratitude. I am not just a beneficiary of Evgenia's expertise, I am a product of it. To anyone considering coaching for personal or professional development, I can say with absolute conviction: the transformation you seek is just a coaching session away with Evgenia.

- Marina Radzig, Roche 

Working with Evgenia was a game-changer for me. I've always been driven as a leader, but there were gaps I couldn't see. With Evgenia's guidance, I sharpened my active listening skills, tapped into emotional intelligence, and began to think more like a visionary. That was a leadership coaching I was looking for!


What struck me most was the way Evgenia held space for our sessions—challenging my set beliefs and pushing me to reflect deeper. The transformation hasn't just been in skills but in mindset. We used Gallup StrengthsFinder (Clifton Strengths) report to enhance transformation. I'm now leading with renewed clarity and conviction, and a lot of that credit goes to Evgenia.

- Mike P.

At the Office

"Evgenia is the best mindset coach and  has a natural ability to lead through the coaching in a very thoughtful way. By this I mean she is able to coach through thought-provoking questions that cause me to stop, pause and think through my development. This also creates a safe environment and shows that she really cares."

- Bethany M.

"Evgenia is the best coach I have ever worked with and she did a great job of triggering additional thoughts or questions to consider. Evgenia is easy to talk to which makes her even more effective. It has been good to just have open conversations and create game plans for improving my work-life balance."

- Chris T.

"I personally really feel motivated by Evgenia's approach. She listens to what I am communicating to her and really forces me to explore my own thoughts. I hope as we evolve there will be opportunities for co-creating solutions and methods for how best to improve upon myself and better allocate my time.... I very much appreciate her support, it's so cool to have someone in my corner..."

- Katie P.

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